XTC - the Extreme Tuesday Club

A London communitry group for Agile/XP/Kanban/Scrum newbies, practitioners, and experts.

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XTC Meetings

The core of XTC is regular London meeting (weekly) for XP newbies, practitioners, and experts. Things usually start around 7pm but there are often a few of us around before that.

When's the next one and what will people be talking about?

Often there is no predetermined theme - people just turn up to chat. See the Meetup group for details of upcoming meetings and sign your name if you intend to turn up.

Can I organise a meeting?

Whilst XTC is generally an informal meeting we always welcome suggestions of subjects. It's a great place to practice presentations for conferences, discuss a topical book or article in a book club style or do things like goldfish bowls or programming katas.

Simply pick a Tuesday and suggest it (if one doesn't already exist) with some details on the Meetup group and tweet @extremetuesday

Nature of XTC

Working in XP can be hard so its good to meet other people and discuss common problems. It's a professional network and support group.

As a founder of the club - one of its definitive goals was "to be in a good pub so at least (in the worst case) if the topic of the evening was a disaster you could enjoy a pint and some food and feel that the night was not wasted". This was in part my feeling that at many BCS events that I went to years ago (when held at IBM Southbank) I ended up feeling hot, thirsty and hungry and praying that the session didn't go on too long so we could go for drinks afterwards. I think that over the years we've managed to maintain that easy going principle. -- @macta

As a somewhat detached observer of XTC, I have long held the suspicion - confirmed by what Kent says in the second edition of the WhiteBook - that XTC serves as the closest thing we know to a certification process for a local XP community. -- @morendi

I've found that the XtC membership has functioned as a barometer of both the spread and the dilution of XP ideas across London's IT community. In the few years that I've been attending we've gone from trying to do 'pure' XP in relatively small companies to being 'agile' within the confines of much larger companies and projects. In an odd way XPday exemplifies our departure from extremism (after all its "more than just XP") but it is also the one point in the year where we consciously reach out to the wider software development community with our current set of ideas. -- @adewale



There isn't any real "management" of XTC, it is self organising. But as a not-for-profit organisation, we have a constitution that sets out our aims etc.